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Hapi 1st anniversary

很喜歡下面關於FAN MEETING小事件

[O,X quiz]
[b]first question: there's a member who always disappears when the members are buying something.
elf - hyukjae hyukjae hyukjae
kangin - let's not lie.
eunhyuk admitted it lol.
kangin - there's one more person. you guys don't know but yesung is very stingy. when someone borrows something from him he always records it in his notebook ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

second question: i'm the most handsome member in super junior
donghae, eunhyuk, kyuhyun: O
the rest of the members: X
kangin - donghae, what part of your face are you most confident with?
elf - eyes eyes eyes eyes
donghae - my eyes that looks like they're full of sadness
kangin - then please look at the audience with your eyes
elf - dalkfja;dkfjael
kangin - kyuhyun, what part are you most confident with?
elf - nose nose nose nose
kyuhyun - my sharp nose?
elf - afl;kaj;lf
kangin - eunhyuk, how about you?
elf - nose eyes lips chin nose eyes lips chin
kangin - everyone else had just one area, but why are they yelling out so many things for you? isn't it because you have no place to be confident with so they're yelling out any part of your face?
eunhyuk - hm... my bright smile?
kangin - i don't understand why ryeowook raised X... he's always looking at the mirror in our apartment...
ryeowook - truthfully, i'm more handsome than kangin...
then kangin took off his jacket and chased after ryeowook.
and ryeowook was all standing and fighting him.
ryewook is the strongest person in suju ㅋㅋㅋ
eeteuk - i don't understand why kangin raised X.
kangin - personally, i don't think i'm handsome but people told me that i was handsome so i entered a ulzzang competition and they gave me an award.

third question: there's a member who's different when in their apartment from TV
elf - eeteuk eeteuk eeteuk
kangin - eeteuk is like that but kibum is like that also. he's really shy but in our apartment he's completely different. kibum, show them your aegyo!
elf - ea;dkfljadf
kibum - *shy shy*
elf - kibum kibum kibum
kibum - 아아아이이잉잉잉 *aegyo*

[cake making time]
everyone put really cute aprons on~~
heechul put his apron on the opposite way LOL xD

eeteuk - i worked on this for two hours by coming here two hours earlier.
kangin - yup, he really did since he had a lot of free time and didn't have any schedule.

everyone was working hard until donghae suddenly sprayed cream all over the place.
eunhyuk was putting "ELF" in the middle of his cake, like (ELF is inside of my heart (from lovers in paris)) when donghae suddenly sprayed cream all over it that it became a blob T_T.
donghae - my cake is a christmas tree. that means that i want to spend christmas with ELF~
eunhyuk - even if my cake is a blob now, if you dig inside it you'll find ELF in it.

ryeowook - *points at yesung's cake* truthfully, you can't eat that kind of cakes. how can you eat that?
yesung - you made it like this!
eeteuk - ryeowook, what did you make?
ryeowook - eeteuk's face
eeteuk - this isnt a human's face.
ryeowook - *sprays cream all over it* iish!!!

ryeowook, yesung, kyuhyun, heechul, and kibum had to leave.

[best of best]
eeteuk - *pointing at the best of best board* i made this all night long without sleeping
elf - no you didn't~~
eunhyuk - eeteuk, you watch videos all night long
eeteuk - what kind of videos?
eunhyuk - ELF knows without me telling them
elf - ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

*manwonae haengbok (happy shares company)*
kangin - i really tried really hard. i thought that you can eat after you record since it was just a show. but the PD didn't let me eat even after we finished recording.

*super junior full house*
eunhyuk - nice weather. you're so gorgeous.
kangin - shall we talk in english? cuz i can't stop thinking about you girl?
donghae - life couldn't get better?
kangin - it would've been better if anya and eva were here, huh?
elf - no

*mini dramas*
donghae - the second one was the best~
they discussed about the couples.
and then donghae and eunhyuk kissed on the cheek!!
elf - kangteuk kangteuk kangteuk
sungmin - ooo we forgot about kangteuk!
and then kangin was about to kiss eeteuk but he laughed so kangin's spit got onto eeteuk >.<''

credits: xgoody2shoes15x@soompi, suju thread